CrossFit is fitness for busy people.  It’s a well known fact that being fit improves your health, makes everyday activity more enjoyable, and can increase productivity.  Scheduling a workout into your day filled with work, family, friends and activities can be can be a challenge.  Ute CrossFitters represent every level of fitness and come from all walks of life.  When you walk through our doors, you become one of us.

We are a community built on the foundation that CrossFit is for everyone. We workout hard and we workout together. When you improve as a group, great things happen.  Knowing the people you workout with makes it easier and much more enjoyable to put in the work.  Being a part of a great community keeps you coming back.  Minutes from the center of Salt Lake’s business district, Ute CrossFit Downtown SLC is a great place to catch a workout on your lunch hour, before and after work, or any time.