1. We have the best damn clients in the whole world. Duh
1a. We have the best damn coaches in the whole world. It’s a fact.
2. MURPH monday at Sugarhouse park. Be there, suffer, sacrifice, and honor those who keep us free and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
3. In case you just thought our programming was going bat sh&t crazy, we are intentionally programming A LOT of snatches this week. Forgot to announce Monday but for this week and the next 3 weeks we will be emphasizing the Snatch movement. Try to make as much progress as possible. By focusing on a movement 2-3 times per week for a few weeks you can make huge improvements, and afterward when we are only doing this 3-4x per month that will be enough to maintain those gains.
4. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!


1A 3×10 strict pull-up (scale with bands)
1B 3×10 ea. Arm single arm DB bench

2A 3×10 BB curl with 3 second lower each rep AHAP
2B 3×10 JM press AHAP
*Think bring bar straight to chin. Like the meathead says, halfway between a close grip bench and a skull crusher.
Every class must watch video and vote on what’s the best reason for this exercise. Options are: “increase your arms” and “pack on some meat to your triceps”

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