6/13/16 Monday

MONDAY Big Skill Day

A1  3×10 dumbbell or Barbell Lat Pullover
dumbell: https://youtu.be/ZhPOEQJRzBU (fast forward video to 3:25)
barbell: https://youtu.be/xLqf-9SyyXc

A2  3×10 ring row

B1 3x :20 hollow hold
B2 3x 10 supermans

C 5x pull to invert, lower as slow as possible

*scaled pull with tucked knees to invert or candlestick raise lying on floor holding upright

Spend another 10 minutes working on pull-ups, chest to bar pull-ups or bar muscle-ups. Try to use the Lat Pull-over exercise to work the lever motion.