6/14/16 Tuesday

Many people first found about CrossFit from google searching “300 workout” or “300 movie training” Back in the early 2000’s it was a pretty groundbreaking movie and the effects were as equally impressive as the ripped actors. The workout is just a simple chipper, made famous by the guys form Gym Jones who trained most of the actors for the movie. Today we pay tribute to one of my original favorite workouts and one of the reasons that led me to CrossFit. (If we are being honest I also have to thank P90x for being such a pathetic training program as well for leading me to CrossFit)

A. 3×20 DL @ 30% of 1RM
*controlled pace, no bouncing
B. 3×20 deficit DL @ 30% of 1RM standing on 4” plates
*novice do 3×20 banded G’mornings instead of deficit DL