Friday October 23rd- Unbroken!! Halloween Party/Partner Costume WOD @ 6pm!!

Sugarhouse Gym @ 6pm- Partner Costume WOD followed by fun, food, drinks, and music!!!





Friday October 23rd- Unbroken!!


Pre Work-

100x Flutter Kicks (2=1

1min Right Plank

1min Plank

1 min Left Plank

50x V-tucks

1min Right Plank

1min Plank

1min Left Plank

25x Supermans


WOD- 3 Rounds-

200m Run

20x UNBROKEN Wall Balls (14/20#)

20x UNBROKEN Sit Ups

20x UNBROKEN Box Jumps (20/24”)

20m Bear Crawl

20cal Row/Bike/Ski

Score= Time.


Post Work- Cool down jog with a buddy around the block. Roll and Stretch.