Monday May 16, 2016

Regionals weekend is a wrap. Some ups and downs but today we will only reflect on the positives! Coach Mandi battled her butt off, fought to the very last workout and was barely edged out of the top 5. After an extremely rough off season and Open, I’m proud of Mandi’s fight and her determination. She battled through some sickness and barely qualified in the top 60 for Regionals, only to show up and prove she was as good as any other girl in the entire region finishing 8th overall. I will also note that Mandi had 6th place locked up but instead of playing it safe on the last workout she went for broke and gave it everything she had, actually costing her to drop a few spots. Nothing I’d rather see than competitors playing to WIN, regardless of the consequences. Mandi’s highest placing of the weekend was in workout #3 which we will take on today. See if you can beat her time of 5:36.

Kloie proved once again there’s nobody better than her at performing right after getting a concussion. Kind of joking, but actually serious. I’m proud of Kloie for keeping her composure on the first workout immediately after taking a bar to the forehead in warm-up area. She kept her calm and did her absolute best on the workout. She followed up that performance with a painful dose of reality having to try to get strict muscle-ups for 20:00 knowing it was a longshot. Many “near successes” but inevitably there just wasn’t enough time to nail down a brand new movement with 1 week to do it. We are proud of you Kloie “napster” Wilson and know you’ll be back and better than ever.

Regionals was a lot of fun, thank you to everyone who chipped in to send Kloie and Mandi a little travel money. I heard from some of the vendor booths how amazing Amy Rossi was as a volunteer coordinator, once again solidifying her role as the most badass Regionals volunteer badass in the U S of A. Good to see some former Ute coaches as well show up to regionals and compete, coach Taylor’s team finished in the top 5 and Coach Alli Tracy’s team had a good showing after being a late invite to the regional competition.

5×2 Squat Clean
*Work up each set to heaviest set of 2

3×3 Front Squat.
*Each rep lower slowly and pause 1 full second at bottom before driving upward

regional #3.001