Monday October 26th- I Love My Plate!

Well #utefam that was fun!!! Thanks to everyone who came to the partner costume WOD and/or Halloween Party. I witnessed not only some pretty fancy fitness, but some amazingly awesome costumes!!!



Monday October 26th- I Love My Plate!

Strength Work: Press and Pull

4 second lower each rep

a.3×5 Strict Press-bump up each set

b1.3×5 Push Press-use same weight or heavier than last strict set

b2.Strict Pull Ups 3×5 w/4 second lower

*your weight sets should be heavier than last Monday*



Buy In: 500m Row

3 Rounds-

5x OH Plate Lunges (25/45#) (each leg)

10x Burpees w/jump on top of plate

15x Plate Squat Cleans

20x Weighted Plate Sit Ups

Score= Time and plate weight.


Post Work: 2x-

:25sec Prone Cobra

:30sec Couch Stretch (each)