Thursday November 19th- IWT- Cleans


Thursday November 19th- IWT- Cleans


Oly Technique Work- 5x- bump up in weight

1x Clean Pull off ground(boost up NOT out, shrug, keep bar close, get tall)

1x 8sec Clean

2x Front Squats

1x Dip Pause, Jerk


WOD- 3 Rounds- rest 90sec between rounds

7x Squat Cleans (135/95#) (scale to power)

:30sec Max Box Jump Overs (on box and off other side as fast as possible, hips do not have to open)

REST 2 min

50x KTE/T2Bar For Time!

Score= Weight AND highest round of jump overs!


Post Work- Cool down row/jog.

Roll calves/quads.

Glute Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Prone Cobra.