Thursday November 5th- IWT!



Thursday November 5th- IWT


Oly Work: Pick your lift for the IWT ground to overhead(snatch, cluster, clean and jerk) and work up to something Heavy (not trying to max) and complete 3×1 at that heavy weight, no misses!


WOD: 3 Rounds- rest 2 min between rounds

Buy In Each Round: 2 Consecutive SPRINT Suicides (5m, 10m 15m, 20m)

5x Ground to Overhead(snatch, cluster, clean and jerk) @ 65%

:30sec Max Step Ups (20”)

20cal Row

Rest 1 min

Max Burpees in 1 min 🙂

Score= Weight.


Post Work: Cool down row at conversational pace. Prone Cobra, Scorpions, Pigeon Stretch.