Thursday September 3rd- IWT


Hey everyone I would like to take just a sec to wish our one and only Tommy Zitting good luck and a speedy recovery on his “backiotomy” tomorrow.  We wont get to see him around much for the next 6 or so weeks, but we will be missing him around Ute and his contagious energy at the 4pm at Sugarhouse!!

Get Fixed, Feel Better, and Come Back Stronger!!!!



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Thursday September 3rd- IWT


Oly Technique Work- 3 Position Snatch- Top to Bottom

3 warm up sets, then 3×1 Sets AHAP


WOD- 4 Rounds- Rest 2min between rds

Buy In (each round):  30x Double Unders

3x Double KB Deadlifts (16/24kg)

2x Double KB Clean & Press

2x Double KB Front Squats

1x Double KB Thrusters

25cal row/bike/ski for time.

Score= KB weight.
Post Work- Cool down jog with a buddy! Roll and Stretch!