Tuesday June 21, 2016

Hey all, I’ve copied and pasted a post from Amy Rossi down at the bottom. Basically she’s studied for, taken and passed the FMS (functional movement screening) certification and is excited to put her new found knowledge to practice. If you’re interested she is offering her time and expertise for free and this can be valuable in that you will know some very specific areas you may need to focus on to improve your general mobility and it will also come with some prescriptive exercises to work those areas. Again, it’s pasted below and if you’re interested you can contact her directly via facebook “Amy Plant Rossi” or email her: amyrossi28@gmail.com

3 Rounds
:20 hollow hold
:20 handstand hold

3 rounds
5-10 strict pull-ups
10x behind neck strict press @ 50% of 1RM strict press
*make it challenging for both movements

filthy 100.001

From coach Amy Rossi:

The last month or so I have working towards getting my Functional Movement Screen certification and I finally took the test last week and passed. Yay! So, what does this mean for you, or rather why am I telling you? Well, let me back up a bit and explain what Functional Movement Screens are and why they are a necessary and important tool for all athletes, and how they relate to you.

The FMS is compromised of seven movements that test mobility, stability and functional movement patterns. These patterns provide an observable performance of basic mobility and motor control by placing you the athlete in positions where weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become noticeable. Once we can observe and assess these fundamental movements, and be sure there is no pain, then, decisions can be made about how to better enhance your workout or training plan. Whether that be through integrating more mobility in specific areas through prescribed exercises, motor control and stability, and/or improving functional movement patterns. Athletes who work to correct their imbalances, asymmetry issues, mobility restrictions and stability issues will find that their overall fitness will increase and target areas of their specific sport (Olympic lifts, for example) will improve.

As a newly certified tester, I want to run as many people through this test as I can to become comfortable with it, and learn about the various ways different athletes test. So, if you are an active member here at Ute Crossfit I would like to offer you a FREE FMS screen. No Charge to you. I get better, quicker and smarter at administering the screen, and you get a free screen! Average cost of this screen is anywhere from $25 to $50.

If you would like a free screen, comment here and let me know. The test should take about ten minutes to give and five to RX. Right now it takes me about 15 to test and 5 to go over results and prescribe. I have some time this Saturday. Starting about 2:00. I was thinking if we do them every 20 minutes from 2:00pm till about 6:00pm I should be able to screen quite a few clients. I can be available this Saturday, next Saturday afternoon, and maybe one evening this week.

If Saturday’s are hard I could do Sundays too, or another time. Comment here, or Direct Message me and let’s get you set up with a free Functional Movement screen! Go Utes!

Thursday June 23rd Downtown Gym (test administered cold, or pre-workout if you are thinking of coming in to workout as well.)
4:00- Amy Spencer
4:20- Solomon Brumbaugh
4:40- Matt Thalhamer
5:00- Joshua Wittusen
5:20- April Reynolds
6:00- Ankur Buch

Saturday June 25th Downtown Gym
2:00- Nadia Hamad
2:20- James Sanders
2:40- Thea Weaver
3:00- Erika Hansen
3:20- Brian McClain
4:00- Amy MichaelandAmy Mella
4:20- Michael MichaelandAmy Mella

Saturday July 2nd Downtown Gym
12:00- Cassie Olmos
1:00- Di Colby
1:20- Carla Roberts Pruitt