Tuesday September 15th- EMOM for 10min! Oly Class Tonight @ 6pm DT w/Dave Chiu!!

Happy Happy Birthday Brian Nicholls!!!  We must celebrate with a special birthday buy in……Before the EMOM everyone must get 35cal row/ski/bike.


Tuesday September 15th- EMOM for 10min


Skill Work- 2-3 Rounds- coach decide based on time

2x Wall Walks

4x Strict Pull Ups

6x Strict T2Bar OR  hanging straight leg raise

8x SL Box Squats (control, control) (4 each leg)

Max Handstand Hold

1min skill of choice practice


WOD- EMOM for 10 min-

 **remember to scale up or down in order to individualize the WOD**

Buy In: 35 cal Row/Ski/Bike

Odd- 8x Hang Cleans (65/95#, 95/135#)

        10x Split Jumps (get high) (total)

Even- 5x Push Press (65/95#, 95/135#)

         20x Air Squats

**Immediately after last minute complete: 10x Clean and Jerks with barbell!!

Score= Weight used.


Post Work- Roll/stretch quads, calves, upper back.  

:30 sec Prone Cobra

:45 sec Pec stretch in rig