Wednesday 3/16/16

Can I get a “Hell Yeah” For the official Stone Cold Steve Austin day? That’s right, it’s 3/16/16 and we are celebrating Austin 3:16 by opening a can of whoopass today. Shoulders should be nice and toasty after Monday/Tuesday so we are laying off today. That means it’s a MF Leg Day 😉

steve 316

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.45.17 PM

That time I told a funny Joke and Steve started laughing then put me in a “stone cold stunner” and sent me packing. “I’ll catch you down the road”

1A 3x 5 supine pull-up from bar set on rack. Slow controlled descent
2A 3×10 BB ab rollouts

1B  3x 12 (6 ea leg) Reverse stepping Lunges. Barbell in Front or Back rack, front leg on 45lb plate elevated 4″.
2B 3×5 Glute Ham raise, 3 second lower with partner holding legs


Post Workout: Curl some “steveweisers”