Wednesday 6/15/16


Team WOD

A. Team of 3 complete 4000m Row
*while 1 person rows, one rests and one holds a plank. Every time plank is broken everyone must switch.

B. Team of 3 does 150 Burpees and runs 200m intervals
2 people must be doing burpees while the 3rd runs a 200m. Always 2 people doing burpees, always 1 person running. Don’t forget to count reps, if you lose count you start at zero.

C. Team of 3 Carry 3 Kettlebells 800m for time.
You can split it up however you want, come up with a strategy that gets you back to the gym the fastest. No putting KB on your shoulder, must be a briefcase carry but you can carry 1 or 2 at a time.