Wednesday 6/22/16

1. Amy Rossi has been posting about doing free Functional Movements Screening assessments, see yesterdays post for details.

July 2 Saturday: Gyms closed, we will have a park workout at Sugarhouse park that morning for all who are interested. See facebook group for details or ask your coach
July 3 Sunday: Normal, just open gym at Sugarhouse 8:30-10
July 4 Monday: Open Gym Sugarhouse 8-11. Downtown Closed
July 5 Tuesday: Normal schedule

gym meme


  1. mobility: 50 perfect air squats for time *must be good depth, straight back, weight on heels, toes slightly pointed out and knees tracking over toes. For some this may take just over a minute, for others it may take 5 minutes, all that matters is that you do the best 50 air squats you can.

  2. strength: 1 and 1/4 Front Squat
    5 x 2 reps as heavy as possible

  3. conditioning: 6x 250m Row All Out (or just go really hard but at least 1 set has to be ALL OUT)
    *lightweights row 6x 200m
    rest 2:00 between sets

  4. Cool Down
    3 Rounds
    15 banded g’mornings
    :30 plank hold