Wednesday, December…MANDI’s Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH MANDI. You are truly one of a kind. I mean, who else can entertain their self for hours upon hours making up new breakdance moves in Oly shoes listening to Garth Brooks? Well, maybe a couple people, but I’m sure none of them learned how to “twerk” while attempting a ring handstand pushup. I think that I can safely say, on behalf of everybody at Ute CrossFit, that we appreciate your positive energy, your happy go lucky personality, and the hard work you put into every client you coach. So here’s to Mandi, who turns 30 today!

Warm-up then 12:00 of the following Skill Work (Pick 1 Option):

Option 1. Intermediate Skill Work
A. :20 Hollow
B. 10x Superman
C. 8x Bar taps
D. 30 flutter kicks
E. :20 ea. side plank

Option 2. Advanced Skill Work
A. :20 hollow hold
B. :20 handstand hold
C. 3x Ice cream makers
D. MU +Ring Dip + 5 second ring support hold + 5 second bottom of dip hold
E. 50 DU’s

then pick oneWallball:TTB.001

*Cash-out Options
A. “JANOWITZ” 30 BURPEE muscle-ups for time
B. 30 Burpee pull-ups for time
C. 30 Burpees for time