Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016

Our nutrition workshop (and measurements) will be at Sugarhouse this Saturday at 11am. This should give any downtowners time to finish their workout, eat a paleo snack and drive over.

Also, for points, you get 5 points per day for a perfect day. You lose points for the following and the worst score you can get is a zero.
-1 for sleeping < 7 hours
-1 for being sedentary. Every day you either need to do crossfit or something active outside the gym
-1 for a minor cheat. like bread and butter or a beer
-3 for major cheat. like ice cream or donuts or skittles

Tracking is done through your wodomation account. go to to login. If you don’t know your login click “forgot my password” and then enter your email. We will go over all this on Saturday as well but points started Monday 1/11/16


3 rounds of:
5x wall squat
5x band g’morning
5x goblet squat
5x ea. leg KB SLDL


Work up to 1RM Deadlift *NO MISSES. This is our testing for the strength cycle


row 300 double.001