Wednesday June 29, 2016

For the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend the class schedule will be the following.

Friday July 1st – Normal class schedule
Saturday July 2nd – PARK WOD ONLY @ Sugarhouse Park (Details below)
Sunday July 3rd – Normal open gym at sugarhouse
Monday July 4th – OPEN GYM ONLY @ SH from 8-11am.
Tuesday July 5th – Normal class schedule

Saturday July 2nd – PARK WOD Details
– We will be meeting at sugarhouse park @ 8am. Same location we do Murph.
– Scaling will be possible and is encouraged due to equipment required. Coaches will have these options available so everyone can participate.

*Kids Camp session #2 starting up July 11. We will also be moving the 9:30 Sugarhouse class to Downtown at 10:00am (same time as kids camp) We want as many as you as possible to be able to workout during the kids camp to save time. This change will happen July 11, next week there will continue to be a 9:30 class at Sugarhood.

*We just kicked off advertising for a “Silver” Challenge at Sugarhouse. This is specific to people over 50 years old. We are Stoked to be kicking this off, Madison will be coaching the classes, if you know someone who might be interested have them contact us.

1. 4 Sets of: 40m 2x KB Front Rack Carry 
Rest :45 between sets

2A. 3×10 each side Single Leg KB RDL
2B. 3×0 each side 1/2 kneeling landmine press

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