Wednesday October 14th- 12 min AMRAP! Halloween Party and Pre Order Hoodies!

FullSizeRender (4)We are taking PRE ORDER and PRE PAY Hoody orders now! They are $45 and are men sized, so women plan accordingly. We want to have ALL orders in by Wed, Thurs at the VERY latest please. They are PRE ORDER and PRE PAY ONLY, no extras will be purchased. Put your orders in with a coach.


UTE CROSSFIT HALLOWEEN PARTY on Friday October 23 @ 6:00 pm at Sugar House gym. Come dressed in costumes for a super fun partner WOD!! Following we will have a potluck dinner & dancing & socializing. Please bring drinks & a dish to share. Kids are welcome and costumes are highly recommended!!

Wednesday October 14th- 12 min AMRAP

Pre Work-

Bulldog Progression- 10x each leg each movement:

-fire hydrants, forward circles, reverse circles, sideways leg raise-point toe down(lay), sideways leg adduction(lay), Glute raise


5x SL Box Squats (each leg)

8x Medball Hamstring Curls (start hips high and finish hips high, squeeze)


800m Run (this is included in your 12 min)


10x Mt. Climbers( each leg-feet outside hands)

10x Goblet Squats (24/32kg)

10x Clapping Push Ups

10x Split Jumps(total)
Score= Complete Rounds and Reps.
Post Work- Glute Stretch and Samson Stretch. Roll quads and calves.